Customise your Furniture

You may have already browse through all our selections from our store and may still be looking for what you need. Please consider our custom furniture making services. Instead of spending long hours driving around to search the one you need, why not asking the professionals to manufacture one for you? We can tailor a furniture just as you wish. You can select the colour, material and most important the size of your furniture.

Australian Made

As we striving for providing the best quality furniture, all materials we use are made from Australian supplier. Every single component of the furniture is selected by our experienced team who can identify the quality.

Friendly Customer Services

Our staffs are friendly and passionate to introduce our quality products to decorate your home. Just simply explain your needs and requirements and they will suggest you a suitable products which could meet you budget and desires.

If you have any questions, regarding to our products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us on 02 9281 3375